What Is The Average Amount Of Time Spent On Homework In College

With age workload also increases. From standard one to high school you face different variations of workload. Different classes require different amount of hard work. Some may do with just 20 minutes and some may require four hours. This also depends upon your grasping speed.

One to three hours

Everyday a revision should be given to the topics that have been taught in class. Certain subjects require practice whereas certain subjects can do with just a reading. So, the estimated time can be one to three hours.

Concentration during lectures

If a student is totally focused when the teacher is teaching he might not feel the need to revise or study after hours. While being focused in class he is able to get his concepts clear and if his concepts are clear his might be able to remember everything for longer hours.

Daily reading habits

If a student is in habit of reading regularly he wont ever have any need to revise on daily basis. As he is putting extra efforts daily also his memory retention is increased. Every student must develop a daily habit of reading as it will not only help him in his studying years but also all through his life.

Giving tests on regular basis

When a student is giving tests on regular basis he will be able to retain everything for longer periods. Every error made during tests is a teaching lesson for the student. Once he makes a mistake he never repeats it. So, regular tests are very important.

Grasping power

Students grasping power plays a major role in his studies years. Students with high IQ are able to retain what is being taught in class more quickly. Whereas there are some students who are slow learners. Some students instead of their low IQ’s are able to grasp quickly. Students like these don’t need to spend much time everyday on studies.

Hence, a little time-spent everyday is very beneficial foe a student. Although there are some students who grasp quickie so an exception can be made for them but the ones who are slow learners must spend minimum two hours daily on their studies. This will help them be up to date with class. Students must not let their extra curricular activities suffer while studying. Both should go hand in hand.


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