Where To Find Reliable Sources Of Engineering Economy Homework Help

Engineering economy combines the statistics of engineering with the mathematical nuances of economics. This can easily turn into a nightmare world for a student who is having difficulty absorbing both. Calculation is a given and the wrong use of a formula will result in a wrong answer. Students need help in engineering economy homework not just for solutions, but also to learn how those answers are arrived at. Reliable sources of help have to be found and, fortunately, there are several.

  • Departmental Tutors. Higher-level graduate students and upperclassmen might be employed by the department to provide tutorial assistance. These people understand what a student is going through because they were in the same situation not too long before.
  • These people also have insights about the teacher and they can help a student better understand what is expected.
  • Your Peers. Other students may have a better grasp of the engineering economy assignments. A good idea would be to develop study groups to go over the homework. When you think about it, study groups may be exactly what the teacher wants to see develop. Much of the work done in the modern economy requires team skills. Study groups help nurture that.
  • Scout The Internet. Cyberspace has become the best friend a struggling student could possibly want. With the proper phrases put into a search engine a number of homework help sites can be brought up. These can provide the information that will help find answers to problems.
  • Study Guides. These may be available in the school bookstore. Not only will the calculations be explained but examples of how the calculations are use may be found in these helpful texts.
  • Freelance Websites. If all else fails, then advertising for a tutor on a freelance website is an option. These are professionals who expect to be paid at professional rate. If you are insisting that person be paid less than the minimum wage, do not be surprised if nobody bothers with your posting.

Solutions are not the only reason for seeking help. A student must understand the dynamics of engineering economy in order to perform well. Just getting the answers from a tutor defeats the purpose of homework. This is a time of practical application of the lecture given during that day. Anyone who is seeking help must think of the long-term benefits. If the student can come away from a homework help session having a better knowledge of how the discipline is applied, it will not only provide a good grade in the class but will help in a future career.


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