How To Find Answers To Homework: Tried And Tested Techniques

A steady grievance of most parents and teachers is that kids do not take active interest in doing homework. We should rather ask ourselves the reason for the lacuna. Are we providing them correct atmosphere? Are we actually assessing the strengths and weakness and evaluating why he is abstaining from his assignments.

Love and discipline

There are ways to make him get cozy with his assignments. What is required is proper mix of love and discipline.

Here are some of the tried and tested techniques –

  1. The carrot or no carrot policy – With kids, you should not make use of the stick. However you can place rewards for them for having work done neatly. Organize the rewards on a weekly basis and assess whether he merits the reward or not. This will keep him interested in homework.
  2. Sit with the child – The child gets enormous energy and encouragement when you take time to sit with him through his assignments. This way, you can also gain knowledge about his progress and his fluency or tardiness with subjects.
  3. Get the worksheets – You may download worksheets in different subjects from online tutorials and other sites. These come with a comprehensive list of questions with their answers given at the back. Quite helpful!
  4. Instill the values of subject he dreads – Invent stories about how you also dreaded a particular subject, say, Math and how you overcame your inner fears. Show him how to love the subject and he will actually find the homework a child’s play.
  5. Let him play freely – When it is the kid’s play time, don’t even raise the issue of study. Let him realize that there is a time for play and a time for study and both should be ideally met.
  6. Consult teachers for help – If your child is having problems with homework, ask the teachers as to what steps you should take to put him in right state of mind.
  7. Show him that you care – You should take an active interest in his homework. You should make him feel that he can always approach you in case he faces problems. Be lucid and loving with him. Make him appreciate what he is doing.
  8. Tell him the value of homework – Instill into his mind that he is bound to pass the class with flying colors only if he does his homework in an organized fashion. Once he does that, he will anyway find it convenient to prepare for his exams.

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