Tried and True Methods to Solve Calculus Homework Problems

Calculus is one of the few subjects that bring a lot of stress to students. As the demands of education increase and fewer available resources, students have to resort to tried and true methods for solving calculus homework problems on their own: We’ve put together the best methods as given to us by academic experts:

  1. Keep Practicing and Practice Some More
  2. You’re not going to do well in calculus if you only spend your time reading and listening. You need to get your hands dirty and work through several problems. Ask for assignment practice sheets or find some online and get in as much work as you can make time for.

  3. Review Errors on your Returned Homework
  4. Too many students receive their calculus homework assignments and throw them away or don’t ever look at them again. What you should do instead is review the assignment and identify the errors you made. Work through the process for each incorrect solution and seek assistance from your professor soon thereafter.

  5. Review Key Concepts from Your Class Notes
  6. Don’t start your assignment relying on your memory alone. You should look at your class notes and review the key concepts and examples outlined in your text book. To things happen when you do this: first you remind yourself how to complete certain types of problems and second you get your mind ready to do some critical thinking.

  7. Understand Your Trouble Areas and Doubts
  8. There are times when students can’t get past certain types of problems because they haven’t spent enough time working on those particular skills and doubt whether they are going about solving them in the right way. The best approach is to make a list of the things you have problems and work on learning the skills needed to break the problem into smaller and more manageable process steps.

  9. Create a Place Where You Aren’t Distracted
  10. It’s hard to concentrate or get any work done when you are surrounded by distractions such as the television, radio, computer screen, etc. It’s also hard to work when your desk is cluttered with junk. This is why it’s important that you create a dedicated workspace where you will be able to work efficiently.

  11. Apply Some Problems to the Real World
  12. Sometimes it’s easier to make sense out of your calculus homework assignment by taking some problems and applying them to the real world. Math can sometimes be very abstract, so identifying ways to apply problems in practical situations will help change your perspective.


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