The Philosophy Of Homework Principles: 5 Points To Consider

If you’re wondering why you should study at home then there are various principles that you may wish to consider. The following outlines five points as to why students are set work to do outside of regular lesson times.

  1. Homework helps students to remember what they have learned during the day
  2. One of the main functions of carrying out assignments outside of lessons is that it helps students to remember what they have learned during the day whilst at school. By reinforcing the knowledge that has been taught during the day, it helps to ensure that students come away with a full and rounded education.

  3. Homework promotes organisational skills
  4. Whilst attending lessons in school helps to teach students about a certain subject, requiring individuals to complete assignments away from the regular school structure helps to encourage individuals to organise the time more effectively. These organisational skills are not only useful during the academic career of students, but can be employed later on in life during a career.

  5. Home based study helps students to develop their own research skills
  6. As well as helping to develop organisational skills, requiring students to study independently helps them to develop research skills. In order to complete any work that they have been set, students will have to use a variety of different research methods in order to find out any information that they require. As with organisational skills, developing research skills is useful for students long after leaving education.

  7. Studying from home frees up time for teachers
  8. Another important point to consider about homework is that it helps to free up the time of teachers. Teachers are relatively expensive and can only do so much during the school day; however, by providing students with work to do home, this enables schools to maximise the effectiveness of teachers.

  9. Teachers can assess the progress of students by setting them work to do at home
  10. Finally, another hugely important aspect of setting students work to do outside of school is it enables teachers to assess any progress that they have made. By setting relevant work for students to do, teachers can get a better idea of how well individual students understand what they are studying, thus enabling teachers to identify any strengths and, more importantly, weaknesses that may need to be addressed, which can help to ensure that students receive a rewarding education.


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