How To Handle College English Homework Without Trouble

Being able to focus on your single task will help you to improve the time you spend. If you are trying to write a five paragraph essay, for example, and you are continually interrupted by a cell phone ringing or the television or even your mother asking you to do chores, you will find that it takes you multiple hours. But if you were to sit down without any distractions and work on your paper from beginning to end you would find that it takes you a significantly smaller amount of time to get the project done. This is true of any homework assignment. If you are trying to focus on answering questions after reading a chapter in your science book, you want to make sure that you can review the information without being interrupted.

The way you can remove distractions is to turn off your cell phone or turn it on silent. Do not turn it on to vibrate because even sitting a library or in the quiet of an office space you will hear the vibration and your mind will become distracted. If at all possible turn off any television and disconnect the Internet unless you absolutely need it. If you do not need a computer to finish your homework, then close your computer and set it aside or just turn it off.

Some people like to listen to music while they focus on their homework. This is a perfectly acceptable method, especially if you are studying any third-party environment such as the café where there are many distractions around you. However it is important to note that music is quite influential on the brain. Music actually influences the brain concept of time. If you listen to music with a fast-paced beat your brain will think of time as going by quickly. If you listen to music with a slow and steady rhythm your brain will think that time is slowing down. Listening to fast-paced music is typically something reserved for a gym workout when you want to work very hard and very fast. But if you have to focus and concentrate on memorization or reading, you want something that slows your mind down. Classical music and instrumental music are some of the best things that you can listen to when you were working on your homework. It is important to avoid listening to any music that contains lyrics because lyrics will distract your brain. If you know the lyrics your brain will focus instead on repeating them with the music rather than focusing on your task.


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