Getting 5th Grade Homework Help: A Simple Guide

In the United States, fifth grade is often the last year of elementary school, containing students ages ten and eleven. The subject matter in schools for this age group is sometimes just complex enough for parents to have a hard time. Depending on who you are, and how much you remember about basic math, spelling, and history, you may need to look around for getting 5th grade homework help. Here’s what a basic fifth grade curriculum in the US usually includes:

  • Mathematics: Fifth graders often study long division, as well as multiplication with decimals and fractions. Ratios and percentages also factor into the fifth grade curriculum. For advanced students, some preliminary pre-algebra may also be incorporated into the curriculum. If you don’t do much math in everyday live beyond basic arithmetic, your fifth grader’s homework could be somewhat challenging.
  • Language: Fifth graders are generally taught grammar rules. For most adults, grammar is largely an intuitive matter. Do you remember what a dangling modifier is, or how to diagram a sentence? Spelling may also be part of your child’s curriculum.
  • Social studies: History and geography are usually taught in the fifth grade. Your child may need to know states, countries, and their capitals. They may be taught US History, state history, or even world history.
  • Science: The very basics of physical and biological sciences are introduced. Your child may learn about the states of matter, basic biological cell structure, and weather patterns.

If you’re interested in getting 5th grade homework help, there are a few places you can look, both in real life and online.

  • Ask your child’s teacher to recommend resources. Your child’s teacher may be able to make recommendations for getting your child help with their homework.
  • Consider hiring a tutor. If your child is struggling in a certain subject, it might be worth the money to hire a local college student to tutor them for a couple of hours a week.
  • Find fifth grade worksheets online. To refresh yourself on the skills your child needs help with, you can find fifth grade math and grammar worksheets online. If you do a couple of them, you might be surprised at how quickly that long-forgotten information comes back to you. Extra worksheets can also help your child to master difficult skills.

Fifth grade coursework can be mildly challenging for parents who’ve forgotten how to do long division, or how to diagram a sentence. However, you can find resources for helping your child to do their homework correctly.


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