Effective Homework Strategies For Parents- Helpful Ideas

One of the frustrating thing about being a parent is dealing with your children’s homework. You need a refresher course or something to help them and you need a firing squad to get them to do it. A lot of parents struggle with their kid’s homework. Whether it is getting them to complete it or with helping them complete it. If you have seen the new way they are teaching math these days, you will know automatically that it is way different than when we were kids. Therefore, you should follow these steps to get your kid to do their homework and to give them the help that they need to be successful.

  1. Encourage them to take notes in school
  2. It really is a good habit to get into anyways. If they have taken notes in class on how to complete a certain problem or on a subject, it may help them remember how to complete their work or it may give you an idea of how to help them. Nobody can be expected to remember everything that they are taught for that day without a little refresher, so encourage them to write down the steps so that they can get the work complete at home.

  3. Set a time to do the homework
  4. Kids need routine. If you follow the same routine every day, kids are more secure and will respond better. They need to have a focus and need to complete their homework around the same time every day. I make mine do it right after school. This is mostly because they are still in work mode, it gets it out of the way, and we usually have a baseball game, football game, or concert to go to later on in the night. Plus they aren’t doing it in a rush before bed or when they are tired.

  5. Don’t get frustrated
  6. Don’t get frustrated when they fight with you about doing it. Just repeat yourself in a calm voice. Once they know that you aren’t changing your mind, they will just accept it and get to work. There may be times when you have to be a little sterner but try to keep the emotions and stress out of it. It isn’t good for you and it will put them on edge and make the work take so much longer than it had to.


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