Should Teachers Give Less Homework For Kids: Pros And Cons

Homework has been a subject of debate for decades; if not centuries. Some are of the view that it should be an integral part of school life; while some feel that it is an unnecessary burden on students. Here is listing its pros and cons –

Homework pros

  1. The main positive is the discipline it instills in the kids. Kids understand the value of time by meeting the deadlines. They also appreciate the ‘Goods’ they get from their teachers.
  2. Students get the chance to get close to their studies in the confines of their favorite room. The homework patterns are such that it settles the student with updates about subject.
  3. Kids also crack the code on hard subjects by keeping on doing relevant and regular assignments. They also get a clear idea of their gradual progress in the subject in tune with the passage of time.
  4. Kids can get in touch with their parents and show them what is going on in class in order to get better guidance. This way, both parents and teachers can play a pivotal role in the growth of a kid.
  5. The impetus to keep up to date with assignments means that their revision goes on for exams almost naturally. They absorb the methods they should exert to get the best purchase.

Homework cons

  1. The most negative aspect of homework is that it marginalizes the time they are supposed to spend with family. It is after all an age when they are most tempted to share pleasantries of all kinds.
  2. The pressure of completing assignments on time exerts undue pressure on kids and fills them with fear and stress. This is known to have had adverse effects on many average students in different parts of the globe.
  3. Assignments take enough time and thus they reduce the time kids need to spend coursing through different subjects. They feel like they are trapped in a loop where school leads to homework which leads to school in turn.
  4. Those subjects which keep cropping up cumbersome assignments create a zone of terror in kids. They gradually begin to lose interest whenever the subject is taught in class and avoid the subject altogether at home.
  5. The pressure of completing assignment in time has a negative impact on their handwriting and organization. It also fosters avenues for plagiarism and other cheating methods.

It may be inferred that while homework is necessary; it should not be too voluminous to bog the student down.


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