Why Homework Should Be Banned: 10 Facts You Might Not Know

When you find yourself groaning at the thought of going home at the end of a long day in school and starting work all over again, no wonder you feel that homework should be banned. Check out these 10 facts that support your opinion.

  1. Allotted Time. The task that you have been given will probably take a lot longer than is specified on your homework time table. This may not be anything to do with your ability, it may be because your tutor misjudged that time it would take.
  2. Timetable. Before the start of every academic year, teaching staff work out when they will be setting major tasks that you will be asked to do at home. Ideally there should not to a conflict between the time-scale for completing two or more major pieces of work.
  3. Need a break. Unless you do your work as soon as you get home you may find that you have to tackle the chore later in the evening, then stay up late to complete, which makes you late going to bed and then you get up feeling cranky in the morning.
  4. Distractions at home. It can be very difficult to produce a really good piece of work at home if you haven't got a dedicated area to work in or you have younger brothers and sisters who make a lot of noise.
  5. Lack of help at home. Family may be very willing to help but if they have never studied the subject that you are studying or are not very good at it (a good example is Math), then you will find that you have little or no help line at home to complete the work.
  6. Students hate Homework. Although everyone groans about homework, the truth is that students hate homework. It is difficult to see the positive side of bring home work to do when they see their parents come home from work without additional 'homework'.
  7. Little chance to socialise after school. This includes spending time with friends who are at other schools or even family. Homework can make students feel isolated from friends and family.
  8. Working alone can be stressful. All day you are with other people in a classroom which in itself can be stressful. It is difficult to concentrate when you are not sure what you are being asked to do and have the additional pressure of lack of time to complete.
  9. Prep work. You may have been asked to do some preliminary reading in preparation fro the next class. This can be confusing and also unproductive unless you have been given good instructions about the focus of the work.
  10. Not all subject areas give the same amount of work. It is bad enough when you are given two or more major pieces of work to complete in roughly the same time frame, but at other times there does not seem to be any consistency in the amount of work set.

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